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Crusher Equipments
Efficient, durable and sturdy Crusher Equipments are designed for providing excellent crushing of different materials in uniform consistency at the construction site.
EPOP Bottle Caps
ROPP Caps are roll on pilfer proof closures widely used for sealing plastic, glass and metal bottles. They ensure air tight sealing for preserving the quality of products.
Weighbridge are heavy duty flat platforms that are especially designed for the weighing of the large loaded and unloaded vehicles. There are different types of such measuring systems availed by us that are highly reliable and accurate in operations.
Material Handling Equipment
Material Handling Equipment are the heavy industrial grade assemblies that are designed for the easy transportation of the large amount of raw materials into the industrial machines without any wastage and labour force.
Crawler Crane
Crawler Crane are the materials lifting and lowering machines that are mounted on a self-propelling vehicle. They are provided with a heavy inclined arm on which the hydraulically controlled steel wire assembly is fixed.